Art of Living

Oibel 1

Our idea of «life at the highest level» includes inspiration for the eye and for the spirit. That’s why our properties feature selected works by renowned artists which have a special impact on the buildings.

Dolder / Treichler

Ian Fischer – Atmosphere No. 113 (Midnight Butter Patty)

Inspired by the skies, Ian Fisher paints large-scale images that capture the beauty of passing clouds. With his depiction of a wide array of cloud formations, the American painter Ian Fisher showcases these fleeting formations in all their majestic beauty. From bright and celestial shades to dark and thunderous scenes, each of the large-scale oil paintings is at once hyper-realistic and abstract.

Dolder / Treichler

The Reformation in 3D

To mark the 500th anniversary of the Zurich Reformation, replicas of the famous statue of Reformation leader Huldrych Zwingli (1484-1531) were erected on central squares in all twelve city districts. The “Zwingli City 2019” was an ecumenical initiative supported by all three state and city churches. The three-meter-high statues of this famous Reformation figure, which are based on the well-known Zwingli monument at the Wasserkirche, stood in busy places and squares from August to November. In the Reformation period, each of the twelve districts had its own challenges and issues. The individual figures were dressed and equipped accordingly. In addition, a “Zwingli-Gsprööch” (Zwingli discussion) took place in every district. Finally, on December 6, 2019, all the figures were auctioned and the proceeds were donated to a social organization.

Seefeldstrasse 313

Christopher Boots – «Pythagoras Crystal Twin» wall lights

Pythagoras, the revered philosopher and mathematician, believed that the mysteries of the physical world could be revealed through mathematics. For Pythagoras, numbers had a mystical influence and could be used to achieve balance and beauty.

The Pythagoras Crystal Twin wall light draws on the insights of its namesake, evoking a calculated harmony in the interaction between light and geometry with a crystalline edge.

Dufourstrasse 87

Teres Wydler – «Momentum»

Colorful photo filters on a transparent acrylic plate – the vibrant interplay of photo color filters reflects the round form of the kind of highly complex color filter used in professional photography. «Momentum» means an interval of time, an impulse or simply a moment of enlightenment.

Dufourstrasse 87

Michaela Weber – Close Encounter (Arctic Sea 2016)

Just a few meters away – in the middle of the vast Arctic. Gulls screech in the bay, the sea roars. The majestic predator is rapidly approaching my dinghy through the ice-cold water. A fascinating encounter with the Ursus Maritimus – or polar bear.

An encounter of equals?

Kalkbreitestrasse 40

Oibel1 – everything flows

Zurich’s Samora Bazarrabusa, also known as Oibel1, has been involved in the street art scene for over 20 years. His art has taken him to places like Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Prague and Kampala. And now he’s made his mark on the facade of Kalkbreitstrasse 40, 8003 Zurich. Standing 17 meters tall, “Flow” is intended to put smiles on faces.

This is also Oibel1’s first major mural in public space. We hope it will help inspire more murals in Zurich!

Geranienstrasse 4

Müller Tauscher – Geranien in den Sternen (“Geraniums among the Stars”)

Geraniums were the inspiration for the art on Haus Flora. In Greek mythology, Flora is the goddess of flowers, embodying the spirit of spring. Here the goddess lies in the gables, having sprayed a pelargonium (geranium) on the wall. An array of geranium blossoms decorate the ceilings of the five stories. And by day, real geraniums adorn the garden, entering into a night-time dialog with the stars.

In this philosophical work, Müller Tauscher capture the entirety of space and time, material and energy. Because you really can find a glimpse of the cosmos here in the little back yard of this building in Zurich’s Seefeld.

Rotachstrasse 35

James Licini – Strahlender Stahl (“Gleaming Steel”)

Licini uses steel for his creations. However, he divorces it from its original purpose to invent a world without function. But it is precisely this autonomous form that allows him to define what he sees as «value».

Inspired by his memory and his extensive travels, Licini is drawn to Aztec and Mayan architecture.

Seefeldstrasse 75

Hideki Iinuma – Provokation für Gedanken (“Provoking Thought”)

Urs Ledermann, a great art lover, unveiled the figure made of camphor wood by the Japanese artist Hideki Linuma before invited guests on July 3, 2012. It is in the entrance area of the building and aims to please, provoke and inspire thought.

With his wooden figures, the artist moves in the liminal spaces between Western and Eastern cultures, shaped by contrasts and commonalities. Europe and Japan both boast a long tradition of woodcarving, which enjoyed its first boom back in the 7th century.

Seefeldstrasse 204


On the neighboring, sloping firewall at Seefeldstrasse 202, there was a double wall designed to straighten the crooked walls of the adjacent rooms. The architects sought to remove this corrective wall in favor of a slightly larger living space and had it demolished on all floors. A facade advertisement typical of the time the property was built came to light; it had been applied to the fire wall of the neighboring building on all five floors.

Research revealed it to be an old advertisement for the Swiss food company “Hero”. This advertisement was likely put in place by the previous owner and master painter. The client decided to leave the advertisement in its original state, fixing it and to stabilizing the colors.

Mainaustrasse 34 / Seefeldstrasse 82

Max Zuber

During renovation of the property, a construction worker was working on a wall. Behind it was a shaft, not marked on any plans, which led to the storage space for a renowned gallery. A falling stone hit a rack of glass vases by Ettore Sottssas (1917-2007), breaking four of the precious works. For copyright reasons they couldn’t be restored. So artist Max Zuber was commissioned to create a work of art including the fragments of the vases. The result was the 2014 aluminum sculpture «Explosion».

To transform something broken into something new, a great work of art even – this is what Max Zuber has achieved with his «Explosion».

Mainaustrasse 34 / Seefeldstrasse 82

Ceiling medallion and the wheel of life

The ceiling centerpiece depicts twelve walking figures in a circle, an allegory of the 12 months of the year.

If you look at the ceiling, you’ll find twelve figures, an artistic representation of the twelve months of the year.

Mainaustrasse 34 / Seefeldstrasse 82

Artemis – Schutzgöttin des Kinos (“Artemis – Goddess of Cinema”)

A vision beyond time, and yet more than fitting – the iconography of the murals and ceiling frescoes in the Kino Seefeld cinema recalls ancient gods and their depictions. Despite that – or maybe precisely because of that – they’re right at home.

Who says ancient art is old news? These figures fill the space with meaning and drama.

Arbenzstrasse 6

Müller Tauscher – Die vier Jahreszeiten (“The Four Seasons”)

Four stories, four seasons. Müller Tauscher have drawn on elements around the city of Zurich and its lovely lake and condensed them into seasons. Mixed-media painting, collage and 3D wooden elements link the four seasons and stories.

As you go higher, you don’t just move up a level. You experience the four seasons.

Seefeldstrasse 110

Müller Tauscher –Treppauf … Treppab, zu Zürichs Prominenz und hohen Tieren (“Upstairs … Downstairs: On Zurich’s Celebrities and other Great Beasts”)

Müller Tauscher’s eight murals adorn the stairwell and parking garage. The works use bold colors to disrupt the dominant gray concrete and are designed to encourage residents of Seefeldstrasse 110 to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Each story boasts a formal interplay of colors and shapes, combining Dada with Pop Art, collage, graffiti and small objects. The focus is on contemporary themes, famous Zurich figures and the city itself.

Four stories, four seasons. Müller Tauscher have drawn on elements around the city of Zurich and its lovely lake and condensed them into seasons. Mixed-media painting, collage and 3D wooden elements link the four seasons and stories. The ceiling centerpiece depicts twelve walking figures in a circle, an allegory of the 12 months of the year.

Müller Tauscher illuminate Zurich from a new and unique perspective to encourage activity rather than sloth – a “leap into Lake Zurich”.

I see art in public space as something truly important for society, because it’s accessible to all. And Ledermann supports arts and culture for art’s sake. I’d be happy to create another work of art for Ledermann anytime. My artistic work and Ledermann Immobilien are a good match, as real estate should feature art inside and outside.


The Art of Living projects we’ve created for and with Ledermann were a special challenge for us. Ledermann poses the right, critical questions, yet we still felt free as artists and were able to express our ideas – without complex workarounds. A very trusting, professional and relaxed working relationship. We would of course be happy to create another work of art for Ledermann.

Müller Tauscher