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All buildings and properties house a piece of life. They are often deeply rooted culturally, have social relevance or have shaped urban development. In order to create a sustainable platform for their histories, we regularly issue publications in which we explain the background and development of individual properties.

Real estate titans

In Real Estate Titans, Erez Cohen shares the advice and learnings of the world’s leading real estate experts to create a guide to become a smarter real estate provider.

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Kirchenweg 8

Sometimes one needs to shake the tree again, or even cut a branch so it can grow further. Through this process we managed to bring to life the beautiful work at Kirchenweg. Transforming the old Swissmem building into condominiums facing one of the biggest parks in the City of Zurich, in the heart of Seefeld.

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Münchhaldeneck is our pioneer project when it comes to sustainable and comfortable living. The project implemented by atelier ww architects was completed in the autumn of 2011. Sigrid Hanke and Francesca Giovanelli have documented the construction process.

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Seefeldstrasse renovations

The impressive construction documentation about the conversion of the properties at Seefeldstrasse 75, 129 and 204 provides a detailed overview of what is possible and feasible when refurbishing buildings from different construction periods. Sigrid Hanke and Mark Frederick Chapman documented and photographed the construction process.

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The Wildbachgut, implemented by Implenia and Moser Wegenstein, was completed in the summer of 2009. Author Sigrid Hanke and photographer Francesca Giovanelli observed and documented the construction process.

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Razzia Cinema – final credits

A new jewellery box has graced Seefeld since 2014: the former Razzia Cinema that has been converted into a restaurant. The adjacent run-down Villa Mainau dating from 1947 has been replaced by a new building designed by Hemmi Fayet Architects.

With the support of numerous sponsors, including Ledermann Immobilien AG as main sponsor, Urs Steiner has authored the two volumes about the cultural history of Zurich’s Seefeld district. Volume 1 has been published by Verlag Scheidegger & Spiess, Zurich.

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Razzia Cinema – a new start

A new jewellery box has graced Seefeld since 2014: Restaurant Razzia with a refurbished new building by Hemmi Fayet Architects. The run-down Villa Mainau dating from 1847 has been replaced by the new Mainau building in favour of a listed cinema. Author Urs Steiner and photographer Beat Bühler have documented this new start.

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