Pflugstein Residences

Biswindstrasse 27 8704 Herrliberg

The exclusive Pflugstein Residences crown the town of Herrliberg, just a few steps from the legendary boulder and namesake of this residential project. It takes more than development and deliberation to make a great architectural achievement; it requires a visual idea that skillfully combines all the different requirements into one impressive concept. At the Pflugstein Residences, the top priorities are space, privacy and the harmonious interplay of architecture and nature. These advantages were handsomely combined to result in a carefully considered “building-within-a-building” architectural concept. Its offers the benefits of a private dwelling with the advantages of an ultra-modern apartment.

Building profile
Number of residential units: 18
Year built: 2022

Just a stone’s throw from the property you’ll find the mighty boulder that roughly marks the village boundary between Herrliberg and Erlenbach: the Pflugstein. From here you can gaze out upon a spacious area with vast meadows and woodland, with the Pfannenstiel (853 m above sea level) as its highest point. There is a lot to discover: not just the wildly romantic ravines or the beautiful panorama trail, but polished, picturesque local restaurants as well.